The e-consulting model of Moashirat Aladaa company

The Moashirat Aladaa company’s platform for business management is specialized in developing the organizations ’business and providing integrated technical solutions in line with the best international standards and practices approved


We are an organization, concerned with providing consulting services, drawing up strategic, development and improvement plans, setting up ad hoc offices on managing strategic businesses and building distinguished human resources for the purpose of enabling its human resources to adopt the most recent universal practices and experiences, led by a team made up of experienced specialists and experts.

Why us?

  • We are different by dint of our diverse integrated team, made up of long-experienced consultants and local and international experts and specialists.
  • We are characterized by our rapid completion of the tasks we are assigned to, and we ensure their quality and precision.
  • We are the extensive repertoire which includes an employment and optimal investment of technology, possession of the sense of large organization, international recognition and post-implementationservices.

Our business charter

Our Vision

We seek to be the first choice of business-development organizations.

Our Mission

We provide business sectors with integrated business solutions with added value. Such solutions guarantee competitive advantage and profit.

Our Objectives 

  1. Achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, along with its supporting programmes.
  2. Providing strategic and operational planning services to various governmental and private institutions.
  3. Upgrading the operational performance of governmental and private institutions and sectors.
  4. Holding partnerships and alliances with local and international organizations and specialized agencies.

Our Values

Full commitment and integrated implementation.

Community service

The Performance Indicators Company for Consultancy Services adopts the latest global trends in the provision of community responsibility services, which aim to build the human resource and help it to invest its energies and capabilities for the benefit of society.

It was an idea .. a worksheet
.. a project .. a dream!
We love the homeland ... so we are here

Mohammed Al-Razeeq Al-Shehri ..

A national initiative with distinction specialized only in strategy and related sciences and events.
This initiative was sponsored by Moashirat alada Company For Consulting Services

Support Services

We offer you a variety of services which we are proud to offer you with a high level of quality

These offices seek to achieve the organization’s highest institutional excellence standards through recruiting specialized cadres, assigning powers and establishing procedures.

Enable the administrative leaders to grow and develop the business fields of their organizations

 and Process Reengineering


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