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Moashirat Aladaa Co.
development and consulting
Strategy planning and performanse measure
Using Balanced Scorecards

Strategic planning using balanced scorecards (Third Generation) is one of the modern administrative tools with comprehensive aspect in designing strategies implementation as balanced scorecards

We set off from approved global approaches in establishing, activating and following-up performance measurement indicators, which helps measure the extent of the enterprise’s success to achieve its objectives and develop its works


The company scope of works in various areas of consulting services such as project management and PMO operation, preparation of strategic management practices and strategic plans, strategic frame work development and operational plans, and building outstanding human resources and restructuring by use international best practices and expertise led by our team of highly qualified, moreover to support The capabilities of the customers and guide them with get solutions . the company provide consultancy projects for customers in various business sectors

Why us

Integrated Experience House :

Integrated experience house, technology recruitment and investment, large corporate culture, international accreditation, global partnerships and post-implementation services.

Technology recruitment and investment

distinguished by the speed :

We are distinguished by the speed, quality and accuracy achievement.

integrated and diverse team

An integrated and diverse team consisting of long and accumulated experience consultants, of scientists and national and foreign professionals distinguishes us.

Our Vision

To be the first choice of organizations in developing their business

Our Mission

Provide value-added complementary technological solutions to business sectors through distinct professional cadres achieving a competitive edge in production and profitability.

Our Goals

1- The vision of the kingdom 2030 and support programs to achieve this vision.

2- Providing strategic and operational planning services to various governmental and private institutions.
3- Upgrading the operational performance of governmental and private institutions and sectors.
4- Holding partnerships and alliances with local and international organizations and specialized agencies.

Our Values

Full commitment and integrated implementation

Our work areas

Preparing studies, researches and advisory reports, building and designing strategic initiatives as well as participating in the implementation of the corporate work programs of the government, private, mixed and non-profit sectors by addressing issues related to the different work areas of the various organizations.

Community service

The Performance Indicators Company for Consultancy Services adopts the latest global trends in the provision of community responsibility services, which aim to build the human resource and help it to invest its energies and capabilities for the benefit of society.

Support Services

We offer you a variety of services which we are proud to offer you with a high level of quality

We provide comprehensive consulting services for our clients to establish and operate project management offices As well as maturity assessment services for project management offices, training and qualification services, and professional operation

Enable the administrative leaders to grow and develop the business fields of their organizations

 and Process Reengineering

Service is available according to client needs


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Here you will find a list of vacancies in the company and its branches

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