Business Development

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Enable the administrative leaders to grow and develop the business fields of their organizations and identify the potential growth opportunities and invest it in accordance with the best leading and successful practices, and reflected in increasing productivity and profitability.
Business development service provides a set of benefits:

Successful methodologies in the development of business sectors based on the best recent practices.

Procedures and administrative systems in a professional manner to achieve cost reduction, performance and practices quality.

Teamwork skills and motivating them which is reflected in the productivity increase.

The risks facing the organization, and determining the best ways to deal with them.

An integrated marketing strategy based on investment of resources and available resources.

Institutional reputation and effective communication between the organization and its clients, and the organization and society.


Developing and improving the organization business in accordance with successful international scientific methodologies, in order to achieve the improvement of all administrative and technical practices, invest all the available resources and facilities in the organization, and increase market share and institutional reputation.


  1. Assessing the current status of the organization, the environment surrounding business organizations and the main role plied by (products / services / management functions / resources / quality / quantities).
  2. Studying the available market opportunities to the organization for expansion and development.
  3. Analyzing competitors in the organization business, and drawing the competitive advantages of the organization, which support its future success.
  4. Arranging, developing and managing organization priorities, and focusing on the competitive advantages of the business / services of the organization.
  5. Developing the organization internal processes, thereby achieving the external organization goals and the priorities (market).
  6. Building a strategic plan aims to enhance the organization market position and give it competitive advantage.
  7. Focusing on clients and their needs from the institution services.
  8. Analyzing the related needs of the parties and the main beneficiaries.
  9. Building a map of the expected clients, list existing customers worth and weightiness and reviewing the business environment to identify the new business opportunities


  1. Developed and integrated strategy for the organization business and services.
  2. Ensuring investment of available material and human resources.
  3. Increasing clients and beneficiaries satisfaction.
  4. Outstanding organizational reputation.
  5. Increasing productivity and profitability.

Our strategy in service provision

in the following working stages

1- Preparation   2- Professional evaluation 3- Development 4- Awareness-raising and training 5- Advisory support

1- Preparation  

It includes work team formation from the organization (Client), project definition and explanation of the business development and improvement methodology present to the institution senior leaders for the purpose of discussing and asking questions about the project objectives, methodology and outputs.

2- Professional evaluation

Analyzing the organization's business environment, identifying strengths and weaknesses and suggesting enhancement and development ways and platforms. The organization administrative leaders, and delegates representatives of the organization units participate in this stage, with the aim of achieving a complementary totalitarian evaluation, includes the administrative leaders and the organization executing processes officials.

3- Development

Building development and improvement plans, for example: developing business procedures, identifying future operations and procedures for dealing with them, identifying target clients, Identifying target market opportunities, selecting supportive means, and developing human resources.

4- Awareness-raising and training

Providing awareness-raising training programs to spread the development business culture and develop the corporate work skills and imparting the administrative leader skills to execute and follow up the developed strategies.

5- Advisory support

In order to ensure that the organization continues to implement its strategy in the right way, upon the project's completion, the consultant team provides support for a period of one to three months through a series of field visits to learn the reality on the implementation of business development plans and the challenges facing the application, and provide an advisory opinion for improvement and development.

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