Strategic planning processes


Strategic planning using the Balanced Scorecard (3G) is one of the modern management tools with a comprehensive dimension in the design and implementation of strategies. The Balanced Scorecard (3G) has many advantages:

Card design mechanism depends heavily on

To present and discuss the views of all participants in workshops and meetings and to reach a collective opinion by agreeing on strategic objectives, priorities, indicators and performance measures

The design and implementation of the card depends mainly on

The participation of senior leaders in the organization at all stages of the design process so that it ends with the design of an integrated performance card that reflects the objectives and strategic directions of the institution

The third generation output is characterized by

A document (statement of purpose) which represents the future aspirations and directions of the strategic plan, the preparation of the strategic map model and the use of improved models to document the indicators of strategic objectives, initiatives and programs.

the challenge

Building a comprehensive and strategic plan that challenges reality and invests all the material and human resources of the institution and moves towards the future to achieve the desired.


1. Professional evaluation of the institutional working environment.

2. Identify strategic issues and look ahead.

3. Analysis of the needs of the main stakeholders and stakeholders.

4. Strict strategic objectives and interrelated operational initiatives.

5- Professional electronic system to monitor and measure performance.

6. Institutional awareness of the value of planning with balanced performance cards.


1. Integrated strategic plan.

2. Advanced models for measuring organizational performance.

3. Achievement of strategic objectives and operational initiatives.

4. Ensure the investment of available material and human resources.

5. Outstanding institutional reputation.

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Our service strategy

Our strategy is in the following stages

1- Preparation 2- Building 3- Statistical processing 4- IT Solutions 5- Awareness and training 6- Consulting support

1- Preparation

It includes the formation of the work team of the institution (the client), introducing the project and explaining the design of the Balanced Scorecard, and submitting it to the senior leadership of the institution for the purpose of discussing and asking questions about the objectives, methodology and outputs of the project

2- Building

Based on in-depth workshops designed to design the card and participate in the workshops with the knowledge and knowledge of the institution and those who have knowledge of the policies and goals and aspirations of the institution and work through the workshops to build the strategic objectives of the institution, and then design and development of performance indicators and completion of the design of balanced performance card strategy.

3- Statistical processing

All contents of the card are reviewed statistically and technically, and the accuracy of the design of the performance indicators and their direct correlation to the measurement of the objectives.

4- IT Solutions

It offers a range of electronic solutions that the organization can choose from, and electronic solutions ensure the effective implementation of the strategy, as well as the pursuit of institutional performance.

5- Awareness and training

It provides awareness and training programs to spread the culture of strategic planning and institutional work, and provide the administrative leadership with the skills of implementing the strategy and monitoring the performance indicators.

6- Consulting support

In order to ensure that the organization continues to implement its strategy optimally, after the implementation of the project, the Consultative Group will provide support for a period of one to three months through a series of field visits to determine the implementation of the strategic plan and the challenges facing implementation.

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