Moashirat Alada Platform


Moashirat Aladaa company’s platform for business management is specialized in developing the organizations ’business and providing integrated technical solutions in line with the best international standards and practices approved, and corresponds to the requirements of its customers to achieve institutional excellence and follow their work with ease

Why Moashirat Aladaa company’s platform?

The big data that companies deal with, the diversity of knowledge and the digital transformation of most businesses, to facilitate monitoring progress in achieving the goals and indicators and to keep pace with development was our platform.

How are services provided through the platform?

We have an electronic business model that enables us to plan operations that turn into projects that are monitored and monitored while tracking customers and their financial and administrative requirements.

What is the platform made of

A group of technical systems that provide integrated solutions that organizations need to manage their business, namely:

  • Strategic planning and performance indicators
  • project and task management
  • human resources management
  • financial accounting
  • customer management
  • quality management and risk management

Who are our partners

We have a distinguished group of clients, including

King Khalid University

King Khalid University follows up on its plans, indicators and projects through our platform

Al Baha university

Al Baha University manages its plans, indicators and projects across our platform

Mcland Group Holding

The Macland Holding Group has developed and pursues its business across our platform